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Feb 27, 2010

Cleaning is for the birds

This file is one that I put on my dishwasher to match some curtains I made from a fabric at Ikea.  Gotta love that place.  The picture in my kitchen isn't that great and you can see my toes but you get the picture.  :)
This file can say Laundry is for the birds and go on a dryer door or washing machine lid.  It can be used lots of places.  Let me know if you would like a different saying and I can make it up for you.


Drop your Drawers

This is a super fun file.  I have used it for a wall design.  Put the Text up top and the hand down below.  Its perfect in my 11 year olds room above his hamper!  I did this one on a smaller mat but just needs to be made larger.  Let me know what you think!?


Feb 25, 2010

The Love Pen

This is one of my favorite creations so far.  My mother in law (the one that we blame for the crafting momster, she bought the cricut) really likes this saying and I loved the pen.  After alot of work cleaning it up to give a good cut.. I am so pleased.  This file can be used for so many differnt things.  She plans on putting on her wall in vinyl.  Love to get your feed back... and see if its just me that likes it so much.


Feb 24, 2010

Queen of Crafting

Sorry I have been ill and haven’t posted in a few days. This was a fun file that I made while resting... I am thinking of putting it on my crafting armoire. Tell me what you think?!  Its for all those mommies and grandma's that liked the Princess Sleeps post..lol.



Feb 19, 2010

Love of Spring

This was a weeding nightmare....wow.I did this in a black vinyl on a 12 x 12 tile.  This took me all day and I ended up cutting my thumb open. But it was worth it!!! I think that if I make one as a gift I will reverse the file and make it mostly black or whatever color I decide to do it in. Hope ya'll like it... I might change my name to weeding queen.


Feb 18, 2010

Princess Sleeps Here

I decided to make this for my little girls room while watching Greys tonight hope ya'll like it. The A and the R are for her name. This is super easy to make for your little girl.

Okay there have been lots of questions on how to change the initials... here goes.

Open up file and select all under your shape magic.  The select break.  You can click on the inital pieces and then just click delete.  If you are having a hard time getting the right piece you can shift tab and it will move you from piece to piece.  If you still can't get it... let me know. 


Make Yourself at Home

Well all the kids were sick today so I got to stay at home. While they were napping I decided to make this wall art. Hope ya like it.

I would suggest that you weed first. Its tough to get that sticky vynil off those little parts.

I included the pic that I used for the house inside the O


Feb 17, 2010

Love is a Four Legged Word

So here is my first post! I wanted to share my first Make the cut file!!!

I have added it to the gallery in MTC so I hope you have MTC. This one was made for my MIL who rescues little pups. I did it in red and it was turned out to be a great cut. Feel free to email me if you would like the file.